Roadtrippers, a road trip planning app and website, is about discovering the wonderfully weird.
So how do we get the word out about this not-so-typical travel app? Partner with Etsy, the not-so-typical marketplace. 

The world's weirdest SouvENIR shop

Connecting millions of people online to thousands of unique shops – and now unique travel destinations.

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Browse the shop

When you visit the World’s Weirdest Souvenir Store, you can browse through hundreds of unique shirts, hats, snowglobes,
magnets, those little dried alligator claws back scratcher things – all inspired by real-life real weird places.

Plan your trip

Click the souvenirs to learn more about the destination.
If you like it, you can add it to your itinerary and Roadtrippers will help plan a route fit for you. 
Or you could just buy it, which is cool too. Just probably not as fun.

Copywriter: Dan Azneer